Zagreb: The Horseshoe of Donji Grad

Zagreb – the capital of Croatia – is not a city that is very highly regarded by tourists and travel websites. One would be hard-pressed to find a list of ‘top European cities’ that features Zagreb. In fact, Zagreb rarely finds a place even among the best five places in Croatia. We will not get into a debate about whether Zagreb deserves to be included … Continue reading Zagreb: The Horseshoe of Donji Grad

Croatia: A few FAQs

In our previous post we wrote about how we planned our Croatian trip and the things we did before arriving in Croatia. In this post we will share some tips and answer some questions about Croatia based on our experiences in the country.  Is it worth visiting Croatia? Oh yes, absolutely! Croatia is a beautiful country. In terms of beaches and coasts, it is second … Continue reading Croatia: A few FAQs

Bok Hrvatska: How we planned a fortnight in Croatia

Europe is such a beautiful and diverse destination that you cannot experience it just once. It will definitely make you come back again. We had our first taste of Europe together in 2015 and since then all we have wanted to do is visit the continent again. It took us a little over three years but we finally made it back there. We planned our … Continue reading Bok Hrvatska: How we planned a fortnight in Croatia

MADRID– One Final Stop

After being exhilarated by the Italian capital and being slightly disappointed by the French capital, it was the turn of the Spanish capital – Madrid. Though in all honesty we did not have high hopes from the city as it doesn’t feature in any of the Europe’s must see itineraries and if we didn’t have to catch our return flight from Madrid then we would … Continue reading MADRID– One Final Stop

ANDALUSIA – Seville (Part 2)

SEVILLE CATHEDRAL In almost all ages and cultures, if there was one place that was afforded even more importance in matters of architecture and opulence than the palaces of the rulers, it was the place of worship. The Moors of Seville were no different in this regard and they too built a grand mosque just across the square from their magnificent palace Alcázar. We have … Continue reading ANDALUSIA – Seville (Part 2)

ANDALUSIA – Seville: Our First Game of Thrones City

It is said that Seville is probably the most authentic Spanish city and if you want to experience the real Spain then you should stay in Seville for a while. We did not have enough time to stay in Seville so we covered it as a day trip on our last day in Andalusia. We do not look back on our day in Seville with … Continue reading ANDALUSIA – Seville: Our First Game of Thrones City

ANDALUSIA – The White Village of Ronda

Andalusia is renowned for its stunning monuments and the sunny beach resorts but one of the highlights of the region is its pueblo blancos or the white villages. These villages located in glorious backdrops, with most of their buildings painted white present a spectacular sight. Ronda is probably the most famous and most visited of these white villages though it is certainly more of a … Continue reading ANDALUSIA – The White Village of Ronda

ANDALUSIA – A Day Trip to Granada (Part 2)

THE ALHAMBRA In our first blog on Andalusia we had mentioned that this region was ruled by Moors for close to eight centuries till 1492. Granada, the last Moorish kingdom to fall, was ruled by the Nasrid dynasty during the final two centuries of Moorish rule. It was at this time when one of the finest legacies of the Moors was built – the Alhambra. … Continue reading ANDALUSIA – A Day Trip to Granada (Part 2)

ANDALUSIA – A Day Trip to Granada (Part 1)

Our first day trip in Andalusia was to the city of Granada since it was relatively close to Málaga and had the most visited Spanish monument – The Alhambra. We took a bus to Granada from the Malaga bus station which was situated right behind the Málaga María Zambrano station. Our bus dropped us at the Granada bus station two hours later. As the Granada … Continue reading ANDALUSIA – A Day Trip to Granada (Part 1)

ANDALUSIA – The Southern End of Spain

While planning our euro trip we knew that after spending 25 hectic days travelling across Europe, we would be fairly tired and require some place where we could relax a little. And for that what could be better than the sunny beaches of South Spain! Thus, our next destination after Barcelona was Andalusia – a region in South Spain where we spent five days. During … Continue reading ANDALUSIA – The Southern End of Spain