PARIS: Château De Versailles

On our fourth morning in Paris we woke up to an overcast and gloomy sky. Since we did not have a lot in our schedule for today we lazed around for some time eventually getting ready and heading out to the metro station. We took a metro to Eiffel Tower metro station and from there we got a connecting train to Versailles. A further 1 km walk and we had reached the famous Château de Versailles. Continue reading PARIS: Château De Versailles

PARIS: The Eiffel Tower

Our third day in Paris was the best because after almost half a month of travelling in just each other’s company we got to meet some special relatives and saw one of the most iconic monuments in the world – the Eiffel.. glittering. Yes, the Eiffel Tower really glitters! But let’s start from the beginning. During the trip planning phase, Amit Bhau and Shobha Tai … Continue reading PARIS: The Eiffel Tower

PARIS: An Island and a Lady

Our second day in Paris began on Île de la Cité – an island in the Seine River which has some major medieval monuments and is considered as the centre of Paris. NOTRE-DAME DE PARIS Our first visit was to the most famous cathedral of France – Notre-Dame de Paris. But before going to the main cathedral, we visited the Archaeological Crypt of Notre-Dame which … Continue reading PARIS: An Island and a Lady

INTERLAKEN: Up in the Sky

It had been just two days in Interlaken and we had already been to the top of Europe, had seen a unique waterfall and had walked in the green meadows. Now on our third and final day in Interlaken we were going to observe the beauty of Interlaken from the water and from the sky. A BOAT TRIP Interlaken is situated between two beautiful lakes … Continue reading INTERLAKEN: Up in the Sky

INTERLAKEN: Journey to the top of Europe

One of the highlights for anyone travelling to Switzerland is the visit to Jungfraujoch. Located between the mountains Monch and Jungfrau, Jungfraujoch has the highest railway station in Europe. The station connects to a building which comprises of an observatory that offers panoramic views of the snowy world all-around and has many other interesting attractions. We had bought our tickets to Jungfraujoch the previous evening … Continue reading INTERLAKEN: Journey to the top of Europe

 INTERLAKEN: A Walk To Remember

What is it about Switzerland that makes it a dream destination for so many people around the world? Well, Yash Chopra might have played a small role in popularizing it for us Indians but Rick Steves probably answers this best in his quote – Switzerland reminds me of the kid at high school who’s great at sports, has perfect hair, the best girlfriend, and the … Continue reading  INTERLAKEN: A Walk To Remember

MILAN: Living a Dream!

They say that the difference between a tourist and a traveller is that while the former visits the place, the latter actually experiences it. And, it is the experiences that remain with you for a really long time. So, our sole purpose of adding Milan to our itinerary was to have that one unforgettable experience – the experience of watching a Milan Derby. For two … Continue reading MILAN: Living a Dream!

VENICE: the city on water

If there is one destination that no couple visiting Italy, especially on their honeymoon, can afford to miss, then it is Venice. After Rome and Florence, the city on water was our next destination in Italy. It took us a little less than two hours to reach Venice Mestre station from Florence. In Mestre, we struggled a little with directions but eventually got to the … Continue reading VENICE: the city on water