PROVENCE: A Glimpse of Medieval France at Les Baux

One of our many takeaways from this trip was that no matter how much you plan ahead, sometimes you are guided only by luck. Pont du Gard was something which we desperately wanted to see during our stay in Provence. Twice we made plans to visit it and twice we failed, all due to an ill-timed bus strike. But those missed chances opened two other … Continue reading PROVENCE: A Glimpse of Medieval France at Les Baux

PROVENCE: Antique Theatre of Orange

Orange is a Roman town located about 20 km north of our base city of Avignon. The town has just one major monument – the antique theatre – but that monument certainly justifies and, dare I say, demands a visit to Orange. Well, who were we to ignore such a demand! Thus, on our fifth day in Provence, we scheduled a visit to Orange. After … Continue reading PROVENCE: Antique Theatre of Orange

PROVENCE: Nîmes and the Excavations of Glanum

The title of this blog is not entirely accurate since Nîmes lies in the Languedoc-Roussillon region and not in the Provence region but once we got to know of another ancient Roman city in the vicinity of Avignon, there was no way we were going to miss it. So we set ourselves for another early start, took a train from Avignon Centre Railway Station and reached Nîmes … Continue reading PROVENCE: Nîmes and the Excavations of Glanum

PROVENCE: Arles and Palace of the Popes

Our previous day is Provence was so underwhelming that we needed something really good to restore our faith in Provence and vindicate our decision of visiting the region. And Arles was the perfect little city which did exactly that. Well not really little as technically Arles is the largest city in mainland France in terms of area. With its Roman monuments, churches, crypts, burial grounds, squares … Continue reading PROVENCE: Arles and Palace of the Popes

PROVENCE: A History Lover’s Delight

After spending 16 days in Europe we were weary of seeing grand palaces, museums, cathedrals and basilicas in famous cities along with thousands of other tourists. We needed to get away from the crowd and have a new and different experience. And that was when Provence came to our rescue. Provence is a region in south-eastern France that borders Italy. The region itself is quite … Continue reading PROVENCE: A History Lover’s Delight

PARIS: Château De Versailles

On our fourth morning in Paris we woke up to an overcast and gloomy sky. Since we did not have a lot in our schedule for today we lazed around for some time eventually getting ready and heading out to the metro station. We took a metro to Eiffel Tower metro station and from there we got a connecting train to Versailles. A further 1 km walk and we had reached the famous Château de Versailles. Continue reading PARIS: Château De Versailles

PARIS: The Eiffel Tower

Our third day in Paris was the best because after almost half a month of travelling in just each other’s company we got to meet some special relatives and saw one of the most iconic monuments in the world – the Eiffel.. glittering. Yes, the Eiffel Tower really glitters! But let’s start from the beginning. During the trip planning phase, Amit Bhau and Shobha Tai … Continue reading PARIS: The Eiffel Tower

PARIS: An Island and a Lady

Our second day in Paris began on Île de la Cité – an island in the Seine River which has some major medieval monuments and is considered as the centre of Paris. NOTRE-DAME DE PARIS Our first visit was to the most famous cathedral of France – Notre-Dame de Paris. But before going to the main cathedral, we visited the Archaeological Crypt of Notre-Dame which … Continue reading PARIS: An Island and a Lady