MILAN: Living a Dream!

They say that the difference between a tourist and a traveller is that while the former visits the place, the latter actually experiences it. And, it is the experiences that remain with you for a really long time. So, our sole purpose of adding Milan to our itinerary was to have that one unforgettable experience – the experience of watching a Milan Derby. For two … Continue reading MILAN: Living a Dream!

VENICE: the city on water

If there is one destination that no couple visiting Italy, especially on their honeymoon, can afford to miss, then it is Venice. After Rome and Florence, the city on water was our next destination in Italy. It took us a little less than two hours to reach Venice Mestre station from Florence. In Mestre, we struggled a little with directions but eventually got to the … Continue reading VENICE: the city on water

FLORENCE: An Underrated Gem

If Rome can be described as the city of ancient wonders then Florence is certainly the city of medieval marvels. Known as the cradle of Renaissance, Florence is also the birthplace of the most famous Italian poet – Dante Alighieri and the city where Leonardo da Vinci underwent his apprenticeship. But what amazed me is how underrated Florence is as a tourist destination. Whereas Rome … Continue reading FLORENCE: An Underrated Gem

VATICAN: An art lover’s paradise

So as we mentioned in our previous post, our second day in Rome started with a visit to the Vatican Museums. Mere words can’t describe the scale of work done by some remarkable artists of that era and we won’t even make an attempt. So as promised, we present you the Vatican photo blog.     Dome and the Oculus of the Round Room (Sala Rotonda) … Continue reading VATICAN: An art lover’s paradise

ROME: The Eternal City

Rome: I don’t think there is any word as synonymous with history and ancient civilization as this single four lettered word. There is no city in the world which connects you to the past as Rome does. With its magnificently preserved architecture, huge piazzas bustling with activity and the stunning Vatican art, Rome absolutely lives up to its hype. But wait, let us not get … Continue reading ROME: The Eternal City