Istria: The Walled Town of Motovun

Our fourth and final day in Istria began with a day trip to the most famous and best-preserved medieval hilltop town of Istria – Motovun. After visiting Motovun we felt that the town, which is the site of an international film festival in the summer months, had a lot of things working for it – fortifications dating from the medieval era, magnificent views all around … Continue reading Istria: The Walled Town of Motovun

Istria: Grožnjan – The Charming Town of Artists

If we ever make a list of our top five towns or cities in Croatia then Grožnjan would certainly find a place in it. This little medieval town simply charmed its way into our hearts. In fact, after visiting the town we have started believing that when the adjective ‘charming’ was coined for the hilltop towns of Istria, it must have been done keeping Grožnjan … Continue reading Istria: Grožnjan – The Charming Town of Artists

Istria: The Postcard-Perfect Rovinj

In our previous post, we mentioned that we did not really like the city of Pula since it lacked the charm associated with Istrian towns. When we reached Rovinj, it seemed like the town was compensating for Pula’s lack of charm. In fact, it might have even compensated for a few more places. It is not hard to see why Rovinj is fast becoming one of … Continue reading Istria: The Postcard-Perfect Rovinj

Zagreb: The Horseshoe of Donji Grad

Zagreb – the capital of Croatia – is not a city that is very highly regarded by tourists and travel websites. One would be hard-pressed to find a list of ‘top European cities’ that features Zagreb. In fact, Zagreb rarely finds a place even among the best five places in Croatia. We will not get into a debate about whether Zagreb deserves to be included … Continue reading Zagreb: The Horseshoe of Donji Grad