Plitvice Lakes National Park: The Upper Lakes

We have found that sometimes places which are really famous and hyped a lot fail to live up to that hype. Fortunately, Plitvice Lakes National Park was not one of such places. It promised plenty and delivered even more than what it had promised. In the previous post we wrote about how, after an adventurous drive to Plitvice and a walk along the magnificent lower … Continue reading Plitvice Lakes National Park: The Upper Lakes

Istria: Going Underground at Baredine

We had spent the last two days in the coastal towns of Istria marvelling at their architectural sights and enjoying the views of the clear blue sea. We needed something different to break the monotony, and Baredine Cave was perfect for that. This cave, located in the countryside just 8 km from Poreč, was discovered in the early 20th century, and after multiple explorations was … Continue reading Istria: Going Underground at Baredine

Istria: The Postcard-Perfect Rovinj

In our previous post, we mentioned that we did not really like the city of Pula since it lacked the charm associated with Istrian towns. When we reached Rovinj, it seemed like the town was compensating for Pula’s lack of charm. In fact, it might have even compensated for a few more places. It is not hard to see why Rovinj is fast becoming one of … Continue reading Istria: The Postcard-Perfect Rovinj