Dubrovnik: A Medieval Museum

Dubrovnik had a very different vibe and look compared to all the other coastal Croatian cities that we had been to, whether in Istria or in Dalmatia. A big reason for that undoubtedly were the formidable city walls, but even then, the architecture of the buildings looked different and there was an air of opulence and grandeur about the city. This, we came to know … Continue reading Dubrovnik: A Medieval Museum

Istria: Grožnjan – The Charming Town of Artists

If we ever make a list of our top five towns or cities in Croatia then Grožnjan would certainly find a place in it. This little medieval town simply charmed its way into our hearts. In fact, after visiting the town we have started believing that when the adjective ‘charming’ was coined for the hilltop towns of Istria, it must have been done keeping Grožnjan … Continue reading Istria: Grožnjan – The Charming Town of Artists