PARIS: Château De Versailles

On our fourth morning in Paris we woke up to an overcast and gloomy sky. Since we did not have a lot in our schedule for today we lazed around for some time eventually getting ready and heading out to the metro station. We took a metro to Eiffel Tower metro station and from there we got a connecting train to Versailles. A further 1 km walk and we had reached the famous Château de Versailles. Continue reading PARIS: Château De Versailles

PARIS: The Eiffel Tower

Our third day in Paris was the best because after almost half a month of travelling in just each other’s company we got to meet some special relatives and saw one of the most iconic monuments in the world – the Eiffel.. glittering. Yes, the Eiffel Tower really glitters! But let’s start from the beginning. During the trip planning phase, Amit Bhau and Shobha Tai … Continue reading PARIS: The Eiffel Tower

PARIS: An Island and a Lady

Our second day in Paris began on Île de la Cité – an island in the Seine River which has some major medieval monuments and is considered as the centre of Paris. NOTRE-DAME DE PARIS Our first visit was to the most famous cathedral of France – Notre-Dame de Paris. But before going to the main cathedral, we visited the Archaeological Crypt of Notre-Dame which … Continue reading PARIS: An Island and a Lady